Bereg Led Street Lighting in the Sudan

As a result of several months of negotiations and visits, on the 12nd of March, 2016 - with the co-operation of the Trade House of Hungary in the Sudan - the agreement according to Bereg Led Solar Street Lighting in Sudan has been signed in Al-Fashir. Al-Fashir is the first city where - in the first round - approximately 20km road section is going to be lighted by Bereg Led solar products. During installation neraly 2000 Bereg Led solar luminaires are going to be operated which is expected to take place at the beginning of summer.

Gifts for the nursery

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Regarding to the holidays the Ban Ltd. has surprised the Nursery in Csaroda and its children with 2 pieces of LED television (106 cm) and 2 pcs of DVD player. The installation was made by the company's general director László Bán with the help of the kids which evolved a really great atmosphere.

Dr. Attila Tilki's visit

At the 3rd of December, 2015, Dr. Attila Tilki visited our site in Csaroda. Under the meeting our director has shown our products and their production procedures.

Delegation from the Sudan at the Bán Ltd.

As members of the delegation H. E. Abdelwahid Yousif Ibrahiem Mukhtir governor of North-Darfur province, H. E. Adil Bashir Hassan Bashir Ambassador of the Sudan and Osama Elfadil Mohamed Adam engineer visited our site in Csaroda. The delegation has been accompanied by Mr. Mohamed Salaheldin Hag Ali Commercial Attaché (Sudan Trade Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Vienna, Budapest). During the visit our guests particularly intrested about the BEREG LED product family, where they also got an insight of the production process. Under their visit the delegation showed interest about our references which they have seen in Csaroda and the Shengen Border Crossing area.